Adverto invites you to its COVID19 safe Mock Forecourt

Adverto invites you to its COVID19 safe Mock Forecourt

Adverto COVID19 safe Mock Forecourt
adverto safe mock forecourt

Adverto understands that the world is certainly going through a tough period, and with the chances of additional waves of COVID19, Adverto has spent our time in lockdown preparing for what the future may hold; with social distancing being our top priority.

Due to our remote location and large premises, our technical, assembly and installation teams were able to join forces, working in shifts during the height of the pandemic to assemble a mock forecourt, complete with all current Adverto models and variations of these models to reflect diversity in screen orientation and our ability to build to spec.

Our forecourt has been designed so that our national Major Oil Company (MOC’s) and Dealer Owned Dealer Operated (DODO’s) representatives can browse our various models and solutions, without having the drama and safety concerns associated with being on an active forecourt. While also offering a clever solution to the many societal fears associated with the current pandemic; social distancing, regularly cleaned equipment etc

adverto virtual tour

Adverto has also used the time in lockdown to make several minor changes and upgrades to our enterprise models. Maintaining the compliance standards required for our EMC Certifications and IP65 Rating, we have upgraded our cameras to increase the picture quality. provide a larger viewing angle and can now offer CCTV integration (providing additional avenues for security) along with Facial Analytics. Each feature can be activated or deactivated at any time.
We have also upgraded our screens to a higher nit level for increased brightness in the harshest of environments and manipulated the exterior casing to allow for superior weight distribution to add extra value and quality for all of our clients.

We welcome our national friends to contact us to organise a personal VIP visit to our secure location, where you will be able to enjoy a full demonstration of our products and have the freedom to interact with the software features at your own leisure.

To our International friends, we invite you to enjoy a virtual tour, where we have the ability to navigate you and your colleagues around the site, also giving you the power to view and interact with our products on a virtual level.

We are releasing new features and models in the coming months, so be sure to watch our space to stay informed