Common Digital Signage Mistakes That Retailers Make You Should Know

Common Digital Signage Mistakes That Retailers Make You Should Know

Digital signage displays have proven time and again to be one of the best innovations for the world of digital marketing. It has created its own journey as one of the most successful ways of digital marketing that helps a brand make a mark in this world by literally installing digital signages for all their products and services. Digital signs are revolutionary when it comes to building a brand, creating awareness, engaging customers, and helping shoppers learn about your new or existing brand. This can easily up your chances of finding new customers and expanding your client base!

Yes, this technology has helped many brands make a difference and helped them gain the fruit of their hard work. But there are many mistakes made by retailers when it comes to digital signages that can be easily avoided for everyone’s benefit and help the cause reach great heights. These mistakes are not blunders and they can be easily worked on. Retailers will visibly see the change in the outcome once these steps are taken into consideration.

At Adverto, we provide digital signage solutions to help your brand flourish in this complex market. We have put together a list of things that can help retailers steer clear of such small mistakes that can matter much!

  • Don’t Treat Your Outdoor Digital Signage Displays As A Stationary Board:
    Yes, digital signage displays are a type of a poster or banner but that does not make that it. If it truly were a replacement for a simple poster or banner, it would not have been a market altering method in the industry and nobody would invest. Digital signage displays offer much more than just a stationary declaration of information. With the right approach, retailers can create videos, animation, rich images, and much more!
  • Content Is King, Not The Screen:
    Digital signage is only alive because of content. Content reigns any other factor in the marketing world and there is no denying that. So many retailers focus on digital signages being installed just for the sake of it, because it is a new technology and they must have it. The truth is, without the content, these signages are nothing.
  • Failing To Meet The Cause:
    Digital signages are a huge help for making personalised changes and customised content ‘happen’. One can customise signages according to top trends or pop culture. One can also personalise their content based on the demand, on factors such as the weather, things customers will relate to given the location, and so much more.
  • Not Having A Legitimate Content Strategy:
    There have been many instances where a business’s content strategy online differs a lot from their content strategy offline. Since digital signages are present physically and not virtually on your phone, they fall under the offline category. You need to make sure that what you’re putting out there, on the streets, has the same motive and tone as what you are putting out on social media. This makes for a perfect content strategy.
  • Making The Screens Too Busy:
    You want passersby and shoppers to notice your signage, If you have too much going on, on the screen, it is natural for shoppers to look away. Your signage content should be brief, engaging, and should leave an impression. This will make the audience notice your brand and not dismiss it as irrelevant because of a busy signage.
  • Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind:
    Retailers need to stop putting up digital signages at places where one would not look natural. It needs to be placed at such a location, on such a height, that eyes easily fall onto it, almost as if customers are just attracted to the information.
  • Loops, Loops, And Loops:
    Have you ever stopped by at a gas station and seen a video playing on a loop. After a point, you don’t even pay attention to it. The next time you’re passing by, you may not even bother to look at it. That is exactly what we wish to avoid.

Adverto is one of the leading digital signage suppliers in Australia and offers great packages to help your cause. This article will help you understand the workings of digital signage and how it can be put to maximum use and if you’re looking for more, you know where to find us.