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Digital Signage on Pumps is Proven to Uplift In-store Sales Attachment by Over 40%


Adverto uses and recommends StratosMedia’s Cloud CMS tools for use in its hardware enclosures. We have been working closely with their team to bring a number of new and innovative featured solutions to the forecourt.

Features include:

  • Centrally controlled Cloud CMS
  • Scheduling (Time/Day/Date) of Content
  • Synchronized Site Wide Video Advertisements
  • Image Slider
  • Multiple Videos
  • Web View
  • Content Zones
  • Remote management
  • Database Integration – Local Network/Cloud
  • 3D Transitions on Objects and Scene
  • Drag and Drop GUI
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Wall
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Interactive Content
  • Facial Analytics and Biometrics
  • Advanced Reporting Features


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