Top 4 Digital Signage Display Trends

Top 4 Digital Signage Display Trends

With the evolution of advertising and marketing, digital signage displays have had a significant influence on the customer experience. According to a recent study, 80 per cent of shoppers visit businesses because screens capture their attention, and 40 per cent modify their purchasing selections if signs provide product information. However, merely placing a few displays isn’t enough; according to the newest digital signage display trends, the technology is only effective when the panels contribute to a total consumer experience.

If you are new to the digital signage industry or would want to know more, then let’s take a closer and deeper look at the new digital signage trends below.

Trends In The Digital Signage Sector

Adoption Across Industries

The most noticeable digital signage trend, if nothing else, is that digital signage is more popular than ever. A convergence of causes, ranging from the COVID-19 epidemic to the greater energy efficiency of LED screens, is boosting adoption across a wide range of industries, including retail, advertising, healthcare, transportation, and many more.

Businesses are reaping the advantages of digital signage across numerous performance measures, including customer engagement, staff productivity, and — most significantly — increased income, thanks to widespread use and features like network connectivity. These digital signage market trends indicate that organisations that adopt the technology will gain a variety of competitive benefits.

QR codes

The revival of QR codes has been one of the most surprising retail phenomena in recent years. Businesses have a renewed interest in contactless consumer involvement as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which QR codes excellently address. As a consequence, 45 percent of customers utilise at least one QR code every three months, resulting in a 94% increase in code engagements and a 96% increase in QR reach.

Retailers are recognising that digital signs and QR codes are a natural match as a result of this comeback. Retailers provide possibilities for customers to redeem promotional discounts, join up for social networking accounts, or register for loyalty programmes using a contactless interface by displaying codes within outdoor digital signage displays.

Personal Encounters And Relationships

One objective of contemporary retail is to go beyond sales and create one-on-one relationships with each consumer. On this front, digital signage opens up a number of possibilities.

Digital signage can accurately target visitors with tailored content by utilising local sensors, cloud-based network connections, and AI analysis. Customers may then check recommended product offerings or special bargains without having to browse the full store. In time, digital signage may be able to deliver powerful customer service experiences, relieving normal workers of the burden.

Digital signage and AR

As QR trends indicate, digital signage are rarely used as stand-alone displays. Rather, they connect to cellphones and other in-store technology to improve the entire consumer experience. One of the more fascinating possibilities on this front is to use digital signage as a gateway to augmented reality applications.

  • Wayfinding: Retailers may give directions to certain items or departments by carefully positioning digital signage throughout the showroom.
  • Product visualisation and testing: Digital signage can display furniture and appliances at scale even when actual products are not on store floors.

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