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Adverto Global is a worldwide market leader specialising in the development, manufacturing, assembly and installation of state of the art digital Interface technology products which combine indoor and outdoor interactive displays, with an advanced interface and seamless software integration

Adverto has rapidly become one of the most recognised, respected and sought after manufacturers in it’s field and prides itself on quality, ingenuity and reliability on the forefront of intelligent, dynamic and flexible digital solutions, terminals, advertising, secure payment services, security solutions,¬†software and hardware integrated automation.

Our flagship digital media solutions are designed, manufactured and exported primarily to petroleum centric retailers with centralised displays, advertising and pay-at-the-pump point of sales, enhanced biometric security and provides quality, reliable alternatives to the current industry standard while offering a positive experience to their customers inside the forecourt, station or c-store.

Our products and services increase sales and revenue, reduce customer waiting times, optimise and simplify the user experience, improve venue security, and integrate with preexisting infrastructure.

Adverto products service a vast range of industries including Petroleum, hotels, retailers, cafes, shopping centres, and many others with reliable and trusted hardware, peripheral and software combinations for kiosks, digital menu boards, focused advertising and point of sales integration with security enhancement options.

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Deliver the Latest Content Updates to Screens Within Minutes


Display Live, Real-time Content Feeds to Keep Screens Fresh and Relevant


Commercialise Space by Selling Reach to Outside Businesses


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